Rinse at the Barbican - Rain Reactive Posters

An exciting programme event series which brings together two of London's cultural pillars, Rinse FM and the Barbican, to provide a space for a discussion around the city's cultural state and its future. Rinse FM has been an influential part of London's various underground music cultures including grime, jungle, and many more. The Barbican Centre is one of the largest cultural spaces in Europe which holds events in all forms of art, film, music, and perfomances.

To create intrigue around this event, cryptic colorful posters would be put up across London. Initially only the bright colored gradients with the Rinse logo and ticket info at the bottom of the poster are seen. However, when it rains, the paper reacts to the water and images of the Barbican towers begin to appear. As the paper dries, the images fades. This state of constant evolution in London’s creative and cultural scenes was emphasized in this concept. As was the importance of tower blocks in both Rinse’s history as a pirate radio station and the Barbican’s brutalist architecture.

Artboard 1 copy 7.png
Artboard 1 copy 8.png